Behind the Wheel Training

Behind the Wheel TrainingThe behind the wheel training for Drivers Education begins when final payment is made and the student passes a permit test.

The test includes: 

  • Knowledge of road signs, signals, markings, roadway rules
  • Vision test

Scheduling an Appointment:

Once the student passes the permit test, the student or parent can make driving appointments at the front desk or over the phone. There are seven (7) hours of driving and seven (7) hours of observation. (Drive times are limited to two (2) scheduled appointments on the book at any given time. This allows scheduling availability for others. There are a total of 14 hours of in-car training.)

Our Vehicles:

We offer a variety of automobiles for students to drive. All of our cars are continually inspected and maintained. We believe in making sure our cars are safe to provide the maximum safety and protection for our students. We strive to update our fleet on a regular basis with late model vehicles. No other driving school offers the variety and quality of cars for students to drive as does All American Driving School.