Items Needed To Obtain Permit

  1. T.E.A. Form (provided by your school's attendance office)  * Class may be started without one, but is required by the DPS in order to issue a driving permit. The TEA form expires 30 days from issuance. Be sure you permit test promptly after receiving one. If no longer in school, you must provide a diploma or GED. 
  2. Original birth certificate or Texas ID Card. Hospital birth certificates are not accepted. Must be a certificate issued by the county with a stamped, embedded seal. NOTE: Students born outside of the U.S. must provide either a passport with a U.S. Visa, resident alien card, or citizenship papers - foreign birth certificates are not accepted.
  3. Social Security Card ("Actual Card" - no copies. Printout from Social Security Office, no longer accepted) 
  4. Application (Provided by us) ... If you answer "yes" to any of the medical questions, you must complete a medical form at the D.P.S. office when you apply for the permit.  
  5. DE 964 Form (Provided by us)
  6. Parent (Provided by you) - Both the student and the parent must sign in front of a notary. Signing will be done at the DPS office when you go to apply for the permit and have the picture made.

IMPORTANT: If planning to take one of our summer driver education courses, be sure and request a T.E.A. form from your school's attendance office sometime during the month of May, prior to the end of the school year. It will still be possible to obtain one during the summer, but just a bit more complicated. Most school offices stay open in the mornings, Monday through Thursday, during the month of June. Also, the administration office is open most of the summer. Both the administration offices and school offices should be able to help you obtain a T.E.A. form during June, July and August prior to the new school year starting. T.E.A. forms obtained May - August do not expire until the first day of the new school year.

We offer permit testing for our students to obtain their beginner's license. Students are eligible to test for their permit after six (6) hours of class.