Adult Classes (Ages 18-24)

Classroom - 6 Hour Course

Adults of at least 18 years of age up through age 24 must complete an approved six (6) hour driver education course prior to applying for a driver’s license. Testing for a learners permit from the D.P.S. is not required when successfully completing an approved course.  

In accordance with this law, All American Driving School offers these 6 hour courses to adults ages 18 to 24.

Behind the Wheel  

Adult in-car training is offered during weekday mornings or on the weekend. In order to do the in car training, you must have a driving permit prior to registering. Pick up service is available if within a ten mile radius of our schools and for an additional fee.

You must come into one of our offices prior to making an appointment for training. You will need to sign a contract and make payment for your desired amount of lessons. Once you have done this, you will make appointments directly with your instructor. It will be your responsibility to inform your instructor at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel an appointment.

Appointments can be set up on weekday mornings, or early afternoons as late as 2 o'clock. There will be some availability on weekends. You will need to check with your instructor if weekends are of interest to you. During the summer adult training is limited. Vehicles will not be available on weekday mornings, because of the large amount of teenagers that we will be training. Late afternoons during the week and Saturday afternoons are your only option for summer in-car instruction. Check with your instructor concerning possible Sunday driving lessons.


Check out our Class Schedules for class times and/or visit Registration to sign up.