Tuition and Payments - Adult Classes

                                        Behind the Wheel                                                    

Tuition: (once class is taken)

LessonsCost Per Lesson
1 - 2$50
3 - 6$45
7 *$40

Other Fees:

  • Persons 18 years of age or older are required to pay $25 at the DPS office to obtain a permit or a Class C license. 
  • Pick up service requires an additional fee of $15 for each pick up.

If the adult classroom training is taken with us, the seven driving lessons are reduced to $280a $70 savings. (Without having taken our class the fee for 7 driving lessons is $315). We will also allow you to use one of our cars to test at the D.P.S. An instructor must accompany you and the hourly driving rate still applies. (Minimum 2 hours)


  • The cost of this half-day course is $90. (Included in this training is the administering of the permit test). 
  • The eye test is also made available for an additional fee of $10. (Required by the State)

 (We match comparable competitors' prices)