We match Competitor Classroom Prices

We match the price of Comparable Driving Schools.

Various driving schools escalate their prices, especially when there are no competitors who pose a threat in their area. All American offers their customers a very fair rate whether there are nearby driving schools or not. We are always willing to match a competitor's price if they happen to offer a discount or change their regular price and make it lower than ours. Keep in mind, you can not find more quality and expertise in a driving school than what All American offers. Our facilities, instruction, years of experience, service and employees are unmatched!

We want each and every student in the area to have the opportunity to have the best instruction and learning experience. Therefore, the dollar amount is not an issue with us.

How it Works:

  1. Prior to registration, you must notify the All American Driving School location in which you wish to take classes of the lower price and the school which is offering it.
  2. The school to be matched must be within a reasonable distance that a customer would actually consider traveling to (normally a 10 mile radius of our location). And, of course, must be a school that is still in business and offering programs!!
  3. We will match competitor prices for their "entire program" cost, not the breakdown of each phase
  4. Only schools that have programs, facilities, vehicles etc. comparable to the quality of our company qualify. All American reserves the right to reject the price of an inferior school.