Permit Testing      

Permit TestingIn order to obtain a Class C license in the State of Texas, a person must:

  1. Pass Vision Test
  2. Pass Written Exam
  3. Have Photo Taken

‚ÄčThroughout the year, All American offers Permit Testing (vision and written exam) on selected Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays at selected locations. Students are eligible to test for their permit after six (6) hours of class.

Testing at our facility will allow you to have these two (2) phases of the testing completed where all you will need to do at the DPS is present your paperwork and get your picture made. ($15 additional if under 18 years old, $25 if 18 or older). 

Our permit testing is conducted every week when a new class starts and averages 20 minutes. Testing at the DPS usually involves a line and taking a number, and can sometimes take hours. We hope that you find our service convenient and worthwhile. Our intention is to save you time by taking care of all testing in advance of the student's photo being taken at the DPS office.    

Testing Fees:

We conduct the written exam and the eye test for a fee of $30. NOTE: We offer a $10 discount on permit testing if you "LIKE" us on Facebook.


Check with a teacher or with the front desk for days and times when testing is offered. In order for testing and the permit process to be completed promptly, directions listed below must be read and followed.    

The following is required in order to receive paperwork after testing is completed:        

  • Contract signed and initialed by parent/guardian
  • Parent handout signed and submitted
  • A minimum of $370 paid