The All American Name

 "Teaching you to Drive and Survive" All American Drivers

All American Driving School's goal is to not only teach driving skills and techniques, but to ingrain within the mindset of our students, behavioral skills, attitudes and pre-meditated planning for surviving on roads and highways. We take our motto seriously.

Knowing how to drive is no longer enough. We want our students to be educated on staying alive when behind the wheel or riding in an automobile. Many of the survival lessons we stress are found within our name.


A- Always fasten your seatbelts and lock doors. Only dummies don't!
L- Learn to control emotions when behind the wheel. Good driving requires concentration.
L- Look out for the other guy. Be alert for potential hazards and conflicts.

A- Adjust your speed, following distance and driving maneuvers to roadway conditions.
M- Make predictions of the worst that could happen so that you are prepared if it does.
E- Evaluate your driving periodically - find ways to improve your skills and techniques.
R- Respect the laws and rules of the road. They are for your safety and protection.
I - Inspect your car inside and out before driving. Keep your car well maintained.
C- Cooperate with and be courteous to other drivers. Avoid eye contact with enraged drivers.
A- Approach intersections cautiously. More than 40% of accidents occur here.
N- Never drink and drive or ride with someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.