Texas Laws    

Teen Driver Education Requirements - DPS Website

  • Teens with a permit and whose 6 month waiting period is complete, must take a DPS road test in order to obtain a Drivers License. 
  • Both the front seat and back seat occupants must wear a seat-belt    
  • The cost of a Learners Permit is $15.00 and will expire on the student's 18th birthday. 
  • The cost of a Provisional Driver License is $15.00 and will expire on the student's 18th birthday.
  • New Graduated License Restrictions -  12 month period. After the issuance of a teen's driver license the following restrictions apply for one year.
  • No cell phone use of any kind (dialing, talking, texting).    
  • Limit of one person in the car under 21 years of age who is not a family member.  
  • No driving after midnight or before 5 a.m. unless it is necessary for work, school or a medical emergency.

         Teens are required to attend 32 hours of classroom training and have 14 hours of in car training. (Seven hours behind the wheel and seven hours observing). There are also a required 30 hours of driving with an adult 21 years of age or older to be completed. 10 of the 30 hours driving must be done at night. A maximum of one hour driving per calendar day is allowed. There are rules in effect to clarify these laws. For a better understanding go to the state website,, which you may "click" on at the bottom of this page.

Adult Driving Education

  • Adults ages 18 to 24 must complete an approved six hour driver education course prior to applying for a driver’s license. Testing for a learners permit from the D.P.S. is not required when successfully completing an approved course. All American provides classes once a week at our various locations. These classes are conducted on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (See Adult Training for class schedules)